The Western World

Welcome to the known world. The Western World.


It’s a place where an aspiring global civilization struggles to rise without the ferrous metals that supported our progress through the centuries.  Stuck in a technological bronze age, even as its culture advances, the residents of the Western World inhabit an era defined by two rival empires.

In the far West, the fading Gheraldic Empire, an island nation of sailors and traders.

In the central steppes of Gnia, the emerging  Empire of Korvish-Sopka.

A new source of iron could tip the imperial balance decisively, and when rumors reach distant courts of hidden iron mines in Gwynyr, the secretive highlands of the small continent of Darbas, it’s only a matter of time before intrigues follow.

By 1101 p.e., the age of The Western Wars is well underway, and the fate of Darbas — a land shared by by three distinct peoples and four different groups — will be the key to the unfolding future of the planet.